Jazz, American- born Sound Art, is the most democratic form of music. Every participant has a chance to express one's idea, and at the same time, every participant listens to each other that is evolving constantly to provide a better world view. ”

— i. b.

Why i.b. makes music?


Her name is i.b. (ai-bee). She had to express her inner self, not for recognition, money, or fame. She had to be stripped down her facade and SINGING NAKED as if shouting out her existence to herself. The moment she entered her second life, her journey had begun despite her willpower, or may be that was her subconscious will, to be flattered, infatuated, beaten, broken, neglected, rediscovered, and enlightened within herself. She evolved to be who she is now.

She sings her own journey, in her own way. 

Music is honest. Her tone of voice and musicians' sounds reveal who they are. They create SOUND ART  together without one exercising authority over others. Now, she invites you to enter that moment and connect with your inner self. 


Tokyo to Los Angeles Bedtime Sound Art!

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Singing Naked by I.B. 


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Singing Naked

I.B. (ai-bee)

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Singing Naked

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    One Rainy Night in Tokyo

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    Quando Quando Quando

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    Moon and Sand

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    Call My Name

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    Body and Soul

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    Love Is Blue

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    Don't Pretend

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    'Round Midnight

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  10. 10
    Zen 3:09
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    Perfect Imperfection

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This is a very well-organized album and gives the listeners joy with a variety of different tunes, Ballad, Latin, Jazz.  i.b. has successfully debuted as a singer-songwriter in this album as well as proved herself as a good jazz singer who can sing a slow ballad to up-tempo tunes like a seasoned singer with good intonation, time, and the sound of her voice. Her compositions, sayonara and don’t pretend could become popular jazz numbers, and call my name could be a standard ballad tune someday. Her song, perfect imperfection is also a good tune. She sang like a slow ballad, but if a different arrangement is made with mid-tempo, good swinging rhythm backing, it could be a good jazz tune. She has made an old Japanese popular tune “one rainy night in Tokyo” sound like a good jazz tune with melodic, yet rhythmic piano introduction and solo in the riff. In this album, she is surrounded by musicians who belong to a very high class in the music business. The arrangements of each tune are superb, and the instrumental solos are excellent. 


1. one rainy night in Tokyo 

This was a very popular pop tune in the ’60s in Japan. The original song was a very slow ballad. i.b. changed this slow ballad to a jazz tune with impressive “kick-off”, rhythmic yet melodic piano introduction.  Her singing and the piano intro and the solo in the riff have put a new life to this old song, a new jazz tune is born. This sound is very similar to a popular tune in the ’30s in the US, Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The US publisher of Boulevard of Broken Dreams sued the composer of One Rainy Night in Tokyo as an infringement of copyright in the late ’60s, but several years later, the Japanese court denied the plaintiff's appeal. i.b. didn’t know about the story of this tune until she read this review. She just wanted to add this tune with a swinging trio. The composer of one rainy night in Tokyo published several other songs and a couple of songs made a top hit chart in Japan, so he proved that he could write music. 


2. quando quando quando 

This will give listeners a very comfortable, relaxing feeling with a light Latin rhythm. With nice Latin flavored solos by trumpet and keyboard, her singing is like a flow of steam within this mid-tempo tune. Flute fill-ins behind her singing also added a nice flavor to her smooth and rhythmic singing. 


 3. moon and sand 

This is a slow Bossa Nova tune with an impressive bass solo in the middle and beautiful piano solo at the end. This is not a popular tune, but i.b. challenged to add to this CD and the result was very successful as you listen to it. 


4. call my name 

This is a slow ballad love song written by i.b.  The lyric is simple but expresses the essence of love. Galileo Gallery sent a long letter to his friend once starting with something like “I’m too busy today to write a short letter.” The lyric of this tune is short but tells us of the importance of real love.  i.b.  must have spent many hours to write this short lyric. 

All musicians added some “class” to this tune and the listeners will imagine as if watching a beautiful movie scene. 


5. body and soul 

It is not easy to sing this tune only with a piano, but i.b. wrapped up well with less vibrato, which made her singing “cool”.  Superb piano accompaniment. 


6. sayonara 

Another i.b.’s supreme writing. “Ear catching” intro, appealing phrase, “sayonara.” This intro reminds me of “Goodbye” by Benny Goodman. I recalled the scene in the Benny Goodman Story movie where he was playing “Goodbye” on the rooftop of the building.  Although the melody is very different, the feelings I received from this intro are somehow almost the same. The lyric is as good as the melody. She is leaving him with goodbye although she may still love him. She withdraws herself thinking of him. This can be the best work of i.b. in this album. The melody and the lyric are so impressive that listeners will not forget this tune. The trombone solo at the ending makes this tune not only a mid-tempo love song but a mid-tempo “jazz” tune. 


7. love is blue 

Like one rainy night in Tokyo, i.b. resurrected the old and almost forgotten song. With moody tenor solos and fill-ins, her straight simple way of singing brought this tune one level up and completed it as a slow ballad jazz tune. The original song was L’amour est Bleu, yes French song like Autumn Leaves. This song was originally sung by Vicky Leandros at the European song contest in the late ’60s. This song is also named Colour of Love. (Colour --- British spelling.) Paul Mauriat recorded this tune with his orchestra and made a big hit, #1 hit in the USA in the late ’60s. Liberace played this tune often with his piano. Andy Williams added this tune in one of his albums. However, this tune is seldom heard today.  It is a very wise choice that i.b. included this tune in this album. 


8. don’t pretend 

i.b.’s original tune. This is up-tempo jazz and exciting to listen. In addition to i.b.’s singing, trumpet and piano 4-bar exchanging solos, bass solo and the drum solo at the end made this recording straight-ahead jazz.  In this tune  i.b. has proved she is a good jazz singer. However, the most impressive in this tune is the lyrics.  Please read the lyrics and think about how we should behave. 


9. round midnight 

She sings in Japanese, which will make the listeners feel differently from the original English lyrics. 

A good change of flavor with Japanese lyrics. 


10. zen 

i.b.‘s original. It starts with the piano preceded by Bass intro.  It sounds like the piano player understands what Zen is. The lyric teaches the mind of Zen. Her singing may transmit the essence of Zen to the listeners. This is not only jazz but also spiritual jazz if there is a word for “spiritual jazz”. 


11. perfect imperfection 

i.b.’s original. This is a beautiful slow ballad. She expressed well the meaning of lyrics. The lyrics should make all of us feel easy, being an imperfect person. If this tune is re-arranged for a big band accompaniment with the mid-tempo driving swing jazz, it will sound like a different tune. The melody line and the lyrics are well written for the good-old-days big band jazz. 


Review/Notes by Casey  Koga



ジャズ、ラテン、バラードを収録したこのCD は秀逸の出来であり、必ずや聴衆を楽しませることでしょう。 

このCD はアイ・ビーのジャズ・シンガー・ソングライターとしてのデビュー作でもあると共にアイ・ビーが素晴らしいジャズ歌手であることを証明した。その歌声、リズム感と音程の良さをもってスローバラードからアップテンポの曲をまるでベテラン歌手のように歌っている。 






日本の流行歌を1曲収録している。ジャズアルバムに流行歌? しかしその演奏、歌唱力には驚きを隠せない。 












2.クワンド クワンド クワンド 











筆者はこの様な話を聞いたことがあります。ガリレオガリレイは、「今日は忙しくて短い手紙を書けないので悪しからず」の冒頭から成る、長文の手紙を友人に送りました。 アイ・ビーは長時間かけてこの短い歌詞を書いたことでしょう。 











筆者はこの前奏を聴くや否や、ベニー・グッドマン物語の映画で彼が屋上で「Good Bye」を一人寂しくクラリネットを吹いている情景がおもわず甦りました。 












オリジナル曲は、『枯葉』のようにフランスの歌、L'amour est Bleuでした。 


これは「Colour of Love」とも呼ばれています。(Colour ---イギリス英語のスペル)。 


しかし、残念ながらこの曲は今日では滅多に聞かれません。この曲をアルバムに収録したことは アイ・ビーの賢明な選択です。 





























 コガ ケイシー 記

CD for sale / Coming soon

singing naked

i.b. (ai-bee)

Project i. b. first CD “ singing naked” contains 11 songs with 15 musicians, piano, bass, drums, percussion, guitar, flute, tenor sax, alto sax, baritone sax, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, and voice.

It opens with 1960's Japanese Latin hit song with English lyrics (Track 1) with a hard swinging jazz arrangement, then a classic Latin tune (Track 2) with a super fun brass arrangement, Bossa Nova tune with lots of interesting percussion sounds (Track 3), the Great American Songbook (Track 5 & 9), a classic Paul Mauriat's 1960's Greatest Hit tune with a twisted arrangement (Track 7), and 5 brand new original songs written by i.b. (Track 4, 6, 8, 10, 11).

Each song has a different set of musicians, from piano and voice duo to 7-piece dynamic rhythm and brass arrangement and voice.

This album is i. b. (ai-bee) ‘s life / love story, began in Tokyo to now in Los Angeles.

We believe that you value what we value, process of music making, so we would like to ask you $100 + for this music CD. Your generosity will be a gesture to show your respect for 15 musicians, 4 arrangers, 3 recording studios, and 5 engineers. We strongly believe that our final product is priceless! We are taking pre-order now (please just email us, we need some encouragement!) to join our future private event, hopefully sometime in 2021 depending on the situation at the time.

Hope you enjoy this eclectic sounds: Be-bop to pop, with call and response jazz improvisation solos and i.b.'s sensual voice. If you like this CD, any donation for our next project is also highly appreciated.

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All musicians are recording artists/session professionals who have performed at many large venues such as Hollywood Bowl, Staple Center, Disney Hall, Hollywood Pantages Theater, Tokyo Budokan, Tokyo NHK Hall, Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club in London, BlueNote Jazz Club, and many more.

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